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how to choose an ideal job?

2020-10-20 read 2

i believe many people will be confused when looking for a job, so how to choose? the third question of philosophy is who i am, where i come from and where i want to go. of course, this is just a self mockery, but how to operate in the real choice? let's share some tips, or a simple analysis framework.

employment can be understood as a match between self ability and job demand, which reflects the market transaction behavior of supply and demand. how to choose? there are three dimensions that can provide reference: good industry, good company and good price.


good industry means that the target company's industry has the characteristics of continuous growth and large enough market. industry is a sunset industry or a sunrise industry, or a stable growth industry. for example, the consumer goods and pharmaceutical industries have extended the cycle. the demand of these industries is always growing. consumption benefits from people's material and spiritual needs, at least from the ultra long cycle of inflation, and medical care benefits from people's health needs. enterprises in these industries naturally have growth attributes, including the brand side and the supplier of raw and auxiliary materials. they can all benefit from the growth of the market and grow with big water and big fish. then, as a staff working in this kind of industry, it is bound to be better than the same type of work in other industries. at least, it will not face the dilemma of nowhere to go because of the collapse of a single enterprise. of course, we can't just because the industry is good, regardless of our own conditions, have to choose a certain industry, and in the end, we have to squeeze our heads in vain. those who are interested in, or better have in-depth understanding, or are professional counterparts, plus those who are good at the industry and are willing to keep learning and research after entering, must take their own factors into account.

a good company refers to an enterprise in which the company has a competitive advantage in the industry, especially a leading enterprise. it occupies the best customer resources and the best technology and product capabilities in an industry, which will inevitably aggravate the differentiation. if the company develops well, the salary will not be bad. at least in the same industry, the company with the same type of work benefits is better. before choosing a company, you should also consider the company's corporate culture, working atmosphere, whether you can identify with this culture, and whether you can integrate into this atmosphere.

a good price is based on the choice of a good industry and a good company, considering the salary problem brought by the job. as mentioned above, employment can be understood as a match between self ability and job demand, reflecting the market transaction behavior of supply and demand. then the most ideal state of trading behavior is information transparency and fair trading. what kind of value do you create for the company, how much the company will give you back, and how much concrete you need to talk about. however, sometimes it is not necessary to determine a definite number and have an expectation. because in most cases, the information is not equal. it may be that the job seekers do not understand the job ecology of the industry. it may also be that the company does not know enough about the job seekers. there are many influencing factors. however, if they do well, they will naturally get a good price, otherwise some people will vote with their feet.


the above can be used as a simple thinking framework to consider how to get employed. if you happen to see this article, it shows that you have a special affinity with jinshi. let's take jinshi as an example to think about it. jinshi packaging is a hi-tech enterprise focusing on food, medicine and daily chemical packaging. this industry is a good industry that can not be replaced because packaging can protect the content to maintain the best state before consumers use it. demand determines supply. as for a good company, jinshi has a good reputation in the packaging industry and has been widely recognized in the flexible packaging industry. in the dairy, pharmaceutical, daily chemical industry has a competitive advantage, and employees have a high sense of identity to the company, which is generally considered to be an ideal place to work. if the price is good, it will be omitted. hahaha, we need to talk about it by ourselves, but it can be revealed that in the industry, we still have great advantages.

well, after so much talk, welcome to jinshi.