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Dead Matter
A rogue-lite that aims to quench the community's thirst for a title that properly balances survival mechanics with fulfilling gameplay.
Release Date: January 01, 1970
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"What would I do in a zombie apocalypse?"

It's a question you've probably asked yourself, and it's a question we want to help you answer.

Update #10 - Final 12 Hours

As posted in our tenth update, 

"In celebration of getting over $20,000 in pledges in a single day. We will give everyone who backs the project before it hits $300,000 a unique, one time only* crafting recipe for an armored shoulder piece that can add a touch of Mad Max to any outfit that you so desire. This currently applies to all current backers, we truly appreciate your support!"

(*) - This crafting recipe can only be obtained by backing us via PayPal or Kickstarter until our campaign has concluded. You keep the recipe for life and can use it an infinite amount of times in game provided you have the resources.

Adds a very nice flair to any outfit. The staff favorite for the armored shoulder piece is the biker outfit. We think it goes well with it.

Here's some concepts for clothing, in case you missed it.


Original Description


Dead Matter is a true sandbox survival horror. Players will fight to survive in a zombie-packed, post-apocalyptic world that fosters whichever play-style fits you best. Settle down and defend your home from outside threats with an expansive crafting and barricading system, cultivate and live off the land, or branch out, explore, and scavenge whatever vehicles, weapons, and food you may find in a zombie-plagued Alberta - alone, or with your friends.

Originally released as a mod for Crysis 2 back in 2013, Dead Matter has been a long time passion project for us, and we're very excited to show what we've been working on.

Dead Matter was conceived and developed, from the beginning, by friends and singleplayer enthusiasts alike. We plan to support and encourage both playstyles as often as we can and wherever we can.

Whether you want to join a huge dedicated server and explore a bustling community of players and build your list of friends and enemies, or invite some friends and try to take on post-apocalyptic Alberta in privacy - it's up to you.



In Dead Matter, the only limits on your player is you. Freedom of expression is an important design philosophy for us and as such, we've planned out our customization systems from the beginning to give you as much power over your protagonist as you want. From hair, to head, to body, you'll be in control.

The world of Dead Matter is filled with every manner of weapon you could think of, and we've built them from the ground up to support all kinds of personalization. Whether you want to wrap your baseball bat in barbed wire and go out bashing, rig an alarm clock with C4 to go off with a bang, or strap up your gun with a makeshift kitchen knife bayonet, the choice is yours.

And it doesn't stop with the weapons. Our vehicles were broken down and designed in parts to allow you to transform any run-of-the-mill suburban family van into an apocalypse-kitted survivalist's dream. All it takes is the right ambition and desire to leave your mark on the world (and the right materials, of course).



The key to nurturing the ideas of our players in a way that's open and fun is the world.

We've crafted our depiction of Alberta to be the ultimate survival sandbox; lush with variety and life, from the wild forests and lakes of the Rockies, to the once bustling city of Calgary.

To effectively simulate a breathing world, we've built our metagame and AI systems to support true variety. Expect the unexpected: any forest trek, highway cruise, or grocery store trip could lead you on crossed paths with a settlement of soldiers, a band of scavengers, or simple families searching for shelter, all of which will do whatever it takes to ensure their own survival.

But the AI don't get to have all the fun. The world of Dead Matter was developed to support your settlements. Any building you see can be barricaded, upgraded, and fitted with electricity and flowing water. The land can be farmed and cultivated, and the lakes fished. You can live quietly, in the shadows of day-to-day post-apocalyptic life, or settle your people around Alberta's transformers, dams, and bridges, to retake control of the world around you.


In-Depth Medical System - Our medical system keeps track of player health through a variety of factors, such as blood pressure, blood loss, bites, scratches, and broken bones. Individual limbs and organs track injuries, and to avoid to sweet release of death, trauma has to be dealt with. For those of you who love playing doctor, we've made sure you'll have plenty of fun.

Day and Night Cycle - Day in and day out, the world of Dead Matter never stops moving forward. The metagame system uses the time of day and time of year to dictate the weather, and the actions and decisions of all animals, AI, and zombies. As the days change, your threats change, and you've got to stay on your toes through all of it.

Weather - The weather is more than just a backdrop in Dead Matter. At any time, the elements could turn against you, and the warm skies of Alberta could birth heavy storms, blinding blizzards, and scorching heatwaves, all of which pose unique threats to your character and the world around you.

In-Depth Inventory System - A grid-based, jigsaw-style inventory system that challenges you to plan and conserve. Just as they are in the real world, items are host to a variety of unique variables beyond size and quantity, like temperature and quality. What you scavenge will often require unique planning and storage, so be conscious.

Scavenging - We didn't want scavenging to feel restrictive in Dead Matter. Any container you find can be physically opened and looted, from a nightstand, to a vending machine, to a locked-up gun safe. You can search the home for the key or force it open and play your luck - just don't make too much noise.

Electrical System - One of our earliest planned features. Electricity is a core part of modern life, and the beginning of the zombie apocalypse will reflect that. Our robust electrical system enables you to fully power your home, opening up many gameplay options from the typical minutia of turning lights on and off, to permitting the usage of power tools to enhance your crafting and upgrades. Nothing this good lasts forever, however, and bad luck and poor planning could leave you with dead equipment when things go south.

Hunting - Find, chase, kill, and skin the wildlife of Alberta for their fur and meat. We've tooled hunting to feel satisfying and fun for when you finally track down that buck you've had your eye on.

Farming - We've created an in-depth farming system that takes advantage of a variety of tools that all serve a variety of purposes. There are a large number of items that you can use to farm, and the more crafting-inclined can rig and repair devices to improve speed and yield.


Player freedom is an incredibly important aspect of a fun survival game, and as such we're putting everything in your hands--our procedural development tools (which support full polish control for our environment artists), C++ and blueprint access, everything. We're modders at our core, and we know how important modding support is for a healthy, long lasting community. Any user can host their own server, with their own settings and mods - on or off the Steam Workshop. It's all accessible and it's all free.



We want to build a strong connection with you, and that takes trust. We plan to post regular development updates on our website, the Kickstarter, and our social media, so you're there every step of the way and never left in the dark.

Any suggestions, ideas, or general comments you'd like us to see - drop them on our website or social media. We check over our feedback regularly and would love to hear what you think!

Everything we've done so far has been with zero budget. We have the drive and the ambition to really make this happen. We're fans of this genre first and foremost, and we want to make a product that we'd actually enjoy. For a project of this scope, our goal is fairly low. We've budgeted to keep ourselves going long enough to pull off a satisfying Early Access launch, where we'll gather the rest of our development funds. However, anything else is more than welcome, and meeting our stretch goals means you'll have more available to you for our initial launch and beyond.




Our depiction of Alberta is already huge. However, we still have some unused space to fill, including underground. Hitting the required amount for this stretch goal means that we will be able to add in new locations to the map, such as an abandoned underground mining complex. We will also include new weapons and new items to compliment the locations that we add in.

Required Amount: $70,000 CAD / $55,000 USD - REACHED



While the base game will be bustling with cars, trucks, boats, and bicycles, giving you the tools to conquer the skies and the rails will require more. Hitting our goal with this means that Dead Matter will receive helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, and trains for you to fortify, upgrade, and defend from those who want them for themselves. 

To store your new machines, we'll also be fleshing out the train stations, heliports, and airports throughout the map. New unique weapons, vehicles, and clothing will be there for you to find and claim.

Required Amount: $85,000 CAD / $65,000 USD - REACHED



A new sandbox inspired by Vancouver Island and the original Dead Matter mod's map. Smaller and denser, Vancouver Island is home to new weapons, new enemies, new vehicles, new clothes, and new places to explore, all on a coastal landscape that will change the terms of survival.

You'll also be able to travel between Alberta and Vancouver Island at your leisure, assuming you've got the supplies for it.

Required Amount: $120,000 CAD / $95,000 USD - REACHED



Work with - or against - your fellow man. Trade with, run errands for, and earn favour with the inhabitants of the world to determine the outcome of new communities of families and strangers.

Or expand your own: invite your new friends and followers to join your homes. Organize scavenging runs, delegate jobs and roles, and work to keep eachother alive.

Required Amount: $175,000 CAD / $140,000 USD - REACHED



The final word of stations of the past, classical tunes, emergency broadcasts, and hijacked airwaves will be yours to hear, control, and follow. Play with new vehicles like OB vans, contact your friends with new tools like pocket and HAM radios, and explore and conquer the old radio stations at your leisure.

Required Amount: $200,000 CAD / 160,000 USD - REACHED



Upon reaching this tier, we’ll be able to fully flesh out our modular suit system. Scavenge and scrap the remnants of the apocalypse and fit your player with a set of gear that can be worn atop most of the clothing in the game. We’ll also be adding fifteen new melee weapons and five new firearms.  

We’ll also be including official Twitch support. In addition to our already planned ‘Broadcast Mode’, which disguises your player name and the server you’re connected to, this goal will allow us to expand our integration further: view your chat in-game, poll your viewers, invite them to participate and easily add connected viewers to your party.

Required Amount: $225,000 CAD / 179,000 USD - REACHED



Construct, upgrade, and expand your control of the world. We’ll be overhauling our player settlement system to support greater constructive capabilities, allowing you to assemble seamless, personalized shelters from shacks, to shanties, to cabins, to garages that serve whatever purpose you’ll give them. Like all else in the game, our game options will allow server hosts or singleplayer explorers to adjust and fine-tune every aspect of these player structures, from changing the material requirements to outright disabling them.

Required Amount: $275,000 CAD / $219,000 USD - REACHED


Enhanced Character Customization

Reaching this stretch goal will enable us to implement custom morph targets that will expand our character customisation options. In addition to modifying your player's eye colour, hair colour, and head type, morph targets will allow you to completely retool your player's face.  

Hitting this stretch goal will also allow server owners to enable dynamic progression for your character's appearance: hair growth, scarring, and ageing and more, all of which can be adjusted via server settings. We will also be adding makeup, razors, and similar cosmetic items to let you change your look on the fly.

In addition to the above, all backers up until we hit $325,000 will receive a unique backer-only pattern that can be used in place of camouflage on any weapon or vehicle in our game, these can be used at any crafting bench in game provided your character has found some spray paint.

Required Amount: $325,000 CAD / $258,000 USD



We want to make this happen, and we know that we can. Check out our Greenlight and social media pages for our older work and to see how far we've come since. Volunteered time has taken us this far, imagine where we'll get with your support. Thank you for your time. Let's do this together! 

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Visit us on Steam Greenlight!


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